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****** I am no longer keeping the rod grips in stock, I do have some parts around to make more, if you wish to purchase please contact me.  ****** 


Regards Mark

All of my products are designed by the angler for the angler.

Coming from an engineering background with over 25 year’s toolmaking experience, and after becoming disappointed with the quality and cost of some available fishing products, I decided to develop and produce quality products at competitive prices. In order to offer you the best value for money my products are currently only available at my online shop. You will also find me at many of the fishing tackle shows held throughout the winter months.

Initially I designed and manufactured the Revolution Rod grip – a unique method for holding your rod in any set up. Subsequently I enlarged my product range to include snag bars (now colour coded to match your alarms), custom made buzz bars, bank stick stabilizers and bank stick savers. I am also always open to suggestions about product improvements or new innovative products that are not currently available.

All of the products are personally handcrafted from the finest engineering materials and many of my products can be customised to suit your personal requirements.

The Revolution Rod grip has been extensively used by Mr Tim Paisley at Rainbow Lakes where fishing locked up is a must and the takes are savage!

Positive feedback has also been received from Mr Mick Brown and by many other top anglers both in the UK and abroad.

The Revolution Rod Grip is essential for locked up fishing and offers great peace of mind that your rod and reel will remain secure on the bankside.

Tight Lines!

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